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Neil Perkin

AgileBusinessInnovation Observations

Optimisation vs Transformation

There's one metaphor that I've found to be particularly useful in my work with clients in helping to articulate the opportunity and challenge in making smart decisions around technology and transformation. Now, more than ever of-course, these kind of decisions are critical. If we look for examples of change within…
Neil Perkin
June 10, 2020
Organizational Culture Observations

Dealing With Agile Team Dependencies

When scaling agile working and small multi-functional teams through the organisation we need to remove the barriers that prevent teams from progressing and learning quickly. An important part of this is being ruthless about keeping the team small. But we also need to ensure that teams have the necessary support and…
Neil Perkin
June 9, 2020
AgileBusinessLeadership Observations

Agile Planning Cadence

In Building the Agile Business we discussed pace layering as a way to understand agile planning and the different cadence at which elements of an organisation change. In Agile Transformation I took this further into how to link organisational strategy (which changes more slowly) through to adaptive execution (which is…
Neil Perkin
January 27, 2020