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Neil Perkin

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The Real Disruption Lessons From Kodak

Kodak is one of those totem exemplars of digital disruption, often characterised as a business whose leaders ignored or failed to recognise the impending developments in (and implications of) digital technology. Yet the reality is far more nuanced and enlightening, as this account from Willy Shih, a former Kodak staffer,…
Neil Perkin
February 24, 2017
AgileBusinessLeadership Observations

On Agile Governance

During the shift to more adaptive, agile ways of working (and particularly as agile scales beyond the tech team) questions often arise around governance and control. Concerns can be raised about alignment, control of costs and direction. People often feel uncomfortable moving away from the apparent comfort of a detailed, forecast end point,…
Neil Perkin
February 21, 2017