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peter abraham

— Ai ToolTechnology Tool

A ChatGPT agent that can control the browser and do tasks for you! Find any content on the web, order food, shop on amazon, post on social media, and fill out forms, just by using simple prompts.
peter abraham
February 17, 2023
fast-goalsLeadership Tool

FAST Goals

FAST goals help organizations improve along multiple dimensions at the same time. By making goals transparent, for example, companies enable employees to align their activities with corporate strategy and to coordinate more effectively across silos. What’s more, FAST goals work well across a wide range of industries. Technology companies such…
peter abraham
May 20, 2021
cloud-strategy-canvasTechnology Tool

Cloud Strategy Canvas

Provides a framework which acts as an intelligent constraint to promote focused thinking. The reason strategy—any strategy—matters is that it allows you to focus resources, which are always finite. Strategy is really about choice-making…what to do and what not to do. As a general rule, respect “the box.” The goal…
peter abraham
May 14, 2021