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Welcome to Building the Agile Business

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Welcome to Building the Agile Business. This blog and site have been created to support the book from Neil Perkin and Peter Abraham. We’ve been writing and consulting on organisational agility and digital transformation for over six years and this has been a real labour of love for us. We have long believed that there is plenty of material out there on the ‘why’ of digital transformation, but very little on the ‘how’. So that’s what our book is all about.
We believe that companies need to fundamentally change the way in which they are operating in order to be truly fit for purpose for the digitally empowered world in which we all now exist. So we have set out a manifesto for a new type of business. In the same way that the Agile Manifesto described a new way of building software over a decade ago, The Agile Business Manifesto captures some of the key themes of our book and sets out a new operating model for organisational agility.
We see this not only as the publishing of a book but as the start of a conversation about what is surely one of the key business challenges of the day. Between now and the publication date we’ll be posting content relevant to the ideas and themes that we explore in the book and encouraging discussion around some of the concepts, models and arguments.
And we’ve created an email list which we’ll be using to give access to exclusive content, occasional updates and relevant thinking related to the book (no spamming – it will likely be a monthly update). Subscribers will also get preferential access and offers at the launch. So do sign up for that here.
We look forward to some good discussion on the ideas that we’ve brought together.