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AgileBusinessInnovation Observations

Why Corporate Innovation is so Hard

I loved this piece by Tim Harford in the FT about why corporate innovation fails not least because it emphasises one of the more under-acknowledged challenges with generating disruptive innovations in large organisations. Harford references J F C Fuller's 'Plan 1919' from the First World War, a pioneering and ambitious…
Neil Perkin
December 3, 2018
AgileBusinessTechnology Observations

Why We Reject New Technology

There's a great account in the Scientific American focusing on why new technologies that can make our jobs easier are somehow often rejected, using the adoption of the thermometer as an exemplar. At the end of the sixteenth century Galileo Galilei invented the first device that could measure temperature variations…
Neil Perkin
November 5, 2018
AgileBusinessLeadership Observations

Fixed and Growth Leadership

Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck's concept of fixed and growth mindsets is just a brilliant way of expressing some of the leadership attributes that are most essential in modern, agile businesses. We touch on it briefly in the book, but it's worth exploring further. There are, says Carol (in ‘Mindset: The New Psychology…
Neil Perkin
September 3, 2018