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Organizational Culture Tool

how-to-build-a-growth-teamOrganizational Culture Tool

How to build a Growth Team

Building a new growth team is hard. You have to figure out the macro organizational issues – how it fits in with marketing, product, and other functions – as well as the micro, like how to measure the success of these teams. Andrew Chen explains with lessons from Uber, Hubspot,…
peter abraham
May 14, 2021
remote-work-playbook-toolOrganizational Culture Tool

Remote working playbook

How the world's largest all-remote company manages teams and workflows. Understand the key steps every remote worker and manager should take now. Get tried and tested tactics for building remote fluency in your organization. The most comprehensive remote work guide available, no strings attached and 100% free to use. Download…
peter abraham
May 14, 2021
culture-canvas-toolOrganizational Culture Tool

Culture Canvas

Culture Canvas is a simple tool that allows you to use Culture as context in different decision-making scenarios. Us it when; When designing a new product or service. When closing divisions, leaving industries, retiring a products/services. When creating a new internal team or division. When merging with or acquiring another…
peter abraham
May 13, 2021